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This Dog Can Sense 4-Year-Old Girl’s Blood Sugar Drop From Miles Away

By Ace Nichols
April 28, 2016

This 4-year-old girl, Sadie, has Down syndrome and Type one diabetes, making it difficult to control her blood sugar levels and keep them stable. This is where her dog, Hero, comes into play.

Hero the Labrador, is a trained diabetic alert dog, with an amazing sense of smell. When Hero senses that Sadie’s sugar levels drop below 100, he will signal her parents by putting his nose or paw to Sadie’s parent’s left hand. When her levels get too high, up to 200, he will do the same, but to their right hand.

But a year ago, Hero truly showed his “heroic” skills in a different way. Sadie was away at school, nearly five miles away from home, when Hero started whining and whimpering and would not stop. Sadie’s parents said this was abnormal, as Hero is not a whiny dog whatsoever. Hero was apparently trying to alert Sadie’s mom, Michelle, that her blood sugar levels were dropping.

Sadie’s mom called the school and have the teacher check Sadie’s levels. They seemed fine at first, but dropped drastically within a half hour from 122 to 82. This could send Sadie into a dangerous diabetic coma.

This was quite amazing to everyone, including the school principal, that Hero could sense Sadie’s levels were about to drop while he was miles away from her. Could this really be true?

They asked Hero’s trainer, KC Owens of Tattle Tail Scent Dogs, that said the dogs are trained for 1-2 miles and told KUTV News, “I can’t explain it. It’s a God thing. I think it’s like mother’s intuition. These dogs have abilities and senses beyond our understanding.”

Wow, Hero really is a hero of a dog and a lifesaver to Sadie. It’s truly amazing what these dogs can do.

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