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Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Garlic & Honey Every Morning On An Empty Stomach

By Karly Carpena
August 23, 2016


Growing up I always remember my grandmother saying we all needed more garlic in our diet. As a kid, I actually hated the taste. But recent studies have shown that garlic actually has incredible positive effects on your health.


1It’s Easy To Eat

It’s no hardship to introduce more garlic to your diet, so it’s just that much easier to improve your health.


2Great Heart Disease Prevention

Garlic is known to help reduce the effects of atherosclerosis, which happens when fatty plaque builds up in your arteries. This buildup eventually leads to heart disease.


3But Wait, There’s More!

Garlic is also great for lowering blood pressure and it can help give your immune system a boost.


4What If I Don’t Like The Taste Of garlic?

Let’s be real, not everyone wants to eat a whole clove of garlic. Try adding honey to it so it goes down easier.


5The Perfect Combo

Honey has its own helpful properties to add to the mix. It soothes the throat and, when you have a cold, it can help reduce coughing.


6Try Using A Mason Jar

Mix the two together in a mason jar for a health potion that’s cute and useful.


7When Do I Eat it?

8It’s best to take the mixture first thing in the morning to help you get through your day with flying colors.


Chop It Up!

Chop up your garlic if the cloves are too big for your taste—and enjoy!