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Here’s The Reason Your Snooze Button Only Gives You An Extra 9 Minutes…

By Karly Carpena
July 17, 2016

To understand why the snooze button is 9 minutes long, we first need to take a walk down memory lane…

Mechanical Alarm Clocks:

The first alarm clock is often credited to Levi Hutchins, but historians point to references hinting at earlier versions in Germany.

Remember these clunky yet adorable alarm clocks? The first Big Ben alarm clock was sold in the early 20th century, and now many of us find it in stores to add a bit of vintage flair.


Digital Alarm Clocks:

Digital clocks quickly booted traditional alarm clocks. The digital alarm can be traced to Josef Pallweber, an Austrian engineer that created the first digital pocket watch and the “jump-hour” mechanism in 1883, which forever changed the watch industry. A number of digital clocks evolved from there.


The Modern Alarm Clock:

With smart phones like the slim and beautifully constructed iPhone, people everywhere have done away with not only their older alarm clocks but with planners, address books, and landlines. Some of us have waited hours in line to get our hands on the latest versions.


Now that you know the history of alarm clocks, click CONTINUE to find out how it all comes together. It all makes so much sense!