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Her Dad Passed Away Before Her Wedding, But Watch When The Groom Turns Around…

By Karly Carpena
July 21, 2016

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One month before Shannon and Don’s memorable wedding day, Shannon’s father passed away after his unfortunate cancer diagnosis.

The bride’s wish to walk down the aisle with her father and participate in her father-daughter dance, in front of friends and family, was sadly impossible. But, on their wedding day, Don managed to do his best to pay a tribute to Shannon’s father.


Before Don’s big reveal and after his romantic slow dance with Shannon, Don and his two sons, Tommy and Joey, sat Shannon down in the middle of the dance floor. Shannon was happily surprised to watch her stepsons and newly wedded husband perform a choreographed dance before the unexpected happened.

With a change in music and handwritten cards embellished with Ed Sheeran lyrics from ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ Shannon’s inability to slow dance with her father was averted when Don quickly pulled a shirt over his head that read, “May I have this dance?” When Don turned around to face Shannon, the front of his shirt had a picture of Shannon’s father.

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