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Her Baby Was Born ‘Without A Brain.” But At The Age Of Two, He Said This…

By Karly Carpena
December 8, 2015

Little Aaron was born with only a tiny piece of brain, causing doctors to tell his mother Emma Murray that he wouldn’t live.

When Emma Murray’s son was born without a brain, the prognosis was bleak.


Holoprosencephaly was the exact diagnosis, which means he was born with only a brain stem.


Emma expected to go home from the hospital without him, as doctors only gave him a few days to live.


Because he could move around, he looked like a normal baby, but the brain stem was responsible for his movement and his breathing, but that’s all he could do and would ever do, if he lived.


When Aaron was 2 years old, Emma was in for a shock.


Not only was Aaron still alive, despite what doctor’s had told her, he actually said his first word.


Emma was changing Aaron’s diaper and saying ‘Mommy’ over and over again, making her baby giggle, when all of a sudden, he said it back to her. “I never thought I would ever hear him say anything at all…I burst into tears.”