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Heart Surgeon Calms Weeping 2-Year-Old Girl Before Heart Surgery

By Karly Carpena
September 25, 2015

Being just 2-year-old, Xin Er was born with a pre-existing heart condition that required her to have surgery at Zhejiang University Hospital, China.


The little girl was so terrified, that she began to cry until surgeon Shi Zhuo, Deputy Director of Cardiac Surgery, tried to calm her down by showing her some cartoons on his phone. Anaesthetist Jin Ziying took these photos, and it is reported that the girl is recovering well since the surgery.


“In reality, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, they all get scared in the operating theatre,” Dr. Shi Zhuo said in a report by the Daily Mail. “As parents, we understand that the children are scared and can appreciate the worry of the family.”

Image credits: weibo