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Infant’s Head Reattached After Being Decapitated In A Car Accident

By Karly Carpena
October 5, 2015

It’s a medical miracle! Surgeons were able to reattach the head of a toddler that became separated from his neck in a severe car accident. The procedure was an internal decapitation, meaning his head was not completely separated from his body.

16-month-old Jackson Taylor was in the car with his mother and sister when it crashed head-on with another vehicle at 70mph. The impact caused his spine to detach from his head, but luckily it didn’t kill him.

They rushed him to a hospital in Brisbane, Australia, and had to undergo 6 hours of surgery during which spinal surgeon Geoff Askin used wire and a piece of the boy’s rib to graft his vertebrae back together.

The toddler will have to spend eight weeks in a “halo”, after which he will be able to lead a normal life, 7 News Melbourne reports.