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He Was Sleeping In The Car With His Pregnant Mom. What The Cop Did Next Is UNBELIEVABLE!

By Karly Carpena
December 19, 2015

Robert Wood and his family were moving from Alaska to Eugene to begin a new life. They had traveled by car stopped in a park where they planned to sleep in their car because they had not found housing yet and wanted to save a bit of money.

That’s when Eugene Police Lt. David Natt spotted their car and Robert, his pregnant wife Heather, 4-year-old Samuel, and 2-year-old Logan.

Instead of writing them a ticket, he offered the family two nights at a hotel on him! The officer’s act of kindness allowed the family enough time to find temporary housing with a friend while they looked for a permanent home.

Robert was so moved by the officer’s generosity that he shared the story with family and friends on Facebook and it went viral.