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He Took His Mom To Prom, Then Friends Found Out The Unbelievable Reason Why

By Karly Carpena
August 19, 2016


Asking a date to prom is one of the most nerve racking things to do as a young man. You have to find the right girl and hope that she says yes. And to make matters even more stressful, students are now asking their dates in the most elaborate ways, trying to one up each other. But Trey Potter, an Ohio high school student, new exactly who he was going to ask to his prom…His mother!

Trey tells, “She never had that experience and she’s risked so much for throughout my life and made so many sacrifices. I thought it would be the right thing to do.”


Trey’s mother, MelRo Potter, didn’t have the best childhood growing up. When she was just 13-years-old, she was “the product of that rape.” She ended up in the foster care system, bouncing around between 23 different homes before ending up homeless and pregnant with Trey at just 16-years-old.


“When I was pregnant with him well, I heard, ‘Mel because you lived in the foster care system, you’re probably not going to raise a thriving individual. It just doesn’t happen. You can’t give him what you don’t have.’ So seeing who he has become and knowing the sacrifices that have been made and how much I love him and seeing that come to fruition, I’ve proved him wrong.”

To thank her mother for her hard work and sacrifice, Trey wanted to give her mother the night she never had.