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He Spoon-Feeds His Paralyzed Mom With His Teeth. Then I Saw The SHOCKING Truth…

By Karly Carpena
November 19, 2015

Chen Xinyin, 48, lost his arms after suffering an electric shock at the age of seven, but still works hard on the family farm. After his father died, Chen and his ailing mother had to fend for themselves. As his mother got sicker, a friend suggested that Chen consider begging, but he angrily replied, “I have no arms, but I have good feet. I can’t go make that sort of money.”

Since losing his arms, Chen has taught himself to cook, farm, and weave baskets using only his feet! In 2014, his 91-year-old mother required full time medical attention. So he did what any loving son would do, he stepped up to the plate, even going as far to feeding her with a spoon between his teeth.

Chen Xinyin lost his arm after an electric shock when he was 7


At 14 he began to work on the family farm, and at 20, his father died


Chen was forced to learn to do everything with is feet, even cooking


He has a scar on his foot from the first time he tried to use a knife


Chen uses the rest of his body to make up for his lack of arms


There’s no one to help with the housework since his mother became paralysed


So Chen farms and takes care of their house





Source: 9news