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He Asks His Daughter To The Father-Daughter Dance In The Sweetest Way Possible

By Karly Carpena
October 28, 2015

A single dad’s Facebook post about an upcoming father-daughter dance is going SUPER VIRAL!

On Tuesday, Jason Garmon shared a sweet Facebook post about the way he asked his daughter Skylar to the daddy-daughter dance. With the help of Skylar’s brother Grayson, Garmon surprised his little girl.

The Virginia dad’s surprise featured a bouquet of flowers, a pitcher of iced tea and a sign that posed the question, “Will you go to the daddy-daughter dance with me?”

“Just because I’m her Dad doesn’t mean I’m going to assume she’ll go with me. You ask out a lady like it’s the first time every time. Always keep her guessing, always try to win her. I don’t care if it’s your daughter, your girlfriend or your wife, the day you stop trying is the day you’ll lose her. I had always planned on doing something like this for a woman but I realized the most important female that deserves my attention is already right here beside me. – P.S. She said YES!”