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Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired By Film

By Giselle
October 10, 2016

Use cinema as your inspiration this halloween. (Trust me, there are other options than Suicide Squad.)

1. Satine in Mouline Rouge

Nicole Kidman plays the beguiling Satine in Baz Luhrman’s musical masterpiece.

To recreate Satine’s iconic cabaret outfit, start with a silver sequin bustier:

Any short, fringe-covered skirt will imitate the bottom portion of Satine’s costume:

Add some sexy fishnet tights:

Finish the look with her iconic top hat:

2. Kim in Edward Scissorhands

Kim is Winona Ryder at her most whimsical. This classic 1990’s character is easy to replicate.

Simply find a 1950’s white, satin wedding dress that falls just off the shoulder:

3. Angela in American Beauty

Angela is an iconic character but still a unique costume choice.

You can DIY a rose petal bra by glueing layers of faux petals from your local craft store, or you can find a similar piece on etsy:

You don’t have to wear a petal bikini to suggest the infamous look. You can also find a crimson rose printed skirt:

4. Elvira in Scarface

As Elvira in Scarface, Michelle Pfeiffer is 1980s, slinky perfection.

Depending on the current climate of your city, you can pick a wrap around, teal cocktail dress at any length:

5. India in Stoker

Although the artistic thriller was set in modern day, there were clear 1960s influences in India’s wardrobe.

A collared, sheer sleeve, white dress will serve as the base of this costume:

Accessorize with a key necklace:

Voilà! Now you have a variety of unique, cinematic getups for the 31st.