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Have Hair In Your Ear? Don’t Ignore It, It Could Lead To THIS Common Disease…

By Ace Nichols
June 28, 2016


6That’s right! Some studies indicate that the amount of hair found inside of your ears could be a key indicator of your future health.

Determined in 1973 by Dr. Sanders T. Frank, a diagonal earlobe crease can lead do a deathly disease. After a little over a decade of tests, other scientists also believed this to be true.


5You may not know that along with the well-known risk factors of heart disease – weight, genetics, and smoking – that your ears are also a warning sign that something may be going on with your ticker!

In addition to that, in 2006, a study published by Dr. Edston E. stated that one of these types of earlobe creases was solidly tied to heart disease.


4So, at this point, there is a lot of evidence that shows that ears can indicate heart disease. Not only that, but the ear canal and the amount of hair found inside the ears could also be a potential indicator.


3But, before you run to the mirror, know that it’s not all about the hair inside of your ear. Studies show that the more testosterone in the body, the more hair you produce. This will include the hair inside of your ears.


2So, men are more prone to heart attacks than women, because they have the most testosterone. The chances of heart attacks increase the more testosterone a man has.


1You can get a pretty good idea of how much testosterone your body produces by taking a good look inside your ear. If you see a lot of hair, it’s likely that you have a lot of testosterone.


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