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Grieving Mom Shares Photo Of The Baby She Miscarried For A Powerful Reason

By Karly Carpena
October 14, 2016

In response, several Facebook users shared their personal stories of loss and healing. Others said the image helped crystalize the value and humanity of the unborn.

“Working to save premature babies deemed unviable or a burden in Africa, am inspired and encouraged by your love for your little missionary Ezekiel to fight harder for mamas told their babies aren’t worth fighting for he matters and has a testimony,” wrote one.

Two photographs of her unborn baby, along with the announcement of her miscarriage, were originally posted on her account in late January.

The July 29 post sharing her story and Ezekiel’s photograph already has 3,000 likes and more than 3,900 shares on Facebook as of this writing.

Burns is the latest of a string of grieving parents to share the sorrow of their loss, and the value of the life they once held, in hopes of influencing the public on social media. Others have posted pictures of children ranging from seven weeks to 17 weeks and up.

“We share our pictures so all can see a perfectly formed human,” wrote Ester Garcia, who miscarried her 16-week-old baby in 2015. “Our society needs to be aware that businesses like Planned Parenthood are lying to parents by telling them their babies are just tissue, not showing them there is a beating heart and a baby who deserves a chance at life.

This clearly confirmed to us that our pro-life ministry work is needed and crucial to save our brothers and sisters from being executed at the hands of abortionists who are in a money-making business.”