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He Gets Off Work 2 Hours Early, Comes Home To Find Girlfriend In Bed With Best Friend

By Karly Carpena
November 13, 2016


A man came home from work 2 hours earlier than he expected and wanted to surprise his girlfriend. When he came home he found her in bed with his best friend! It’s not what it appears as this story was originally posted on Imgur:

“I unexpectedly finished my route 2 hours early. That meant I was going to get home at 3am instead of 5am. I decided to not call or text my wife because I didn’t want to wake her.

So, I walked in the door and was going to surprise her with some unexpected sex. She usually is all for that.. she’s kind of a freak and likes to wake up to sexual acts.

What I wasn’t expecting was my best fucking friend to be in bed with her. He didn’t move much until he noticed it was he. He jumped up out of my bed real fucking quick once he finally woke up enough to realize I got home early. He then walked up to me and tried to say hello. My wife never even woke up! How the fuck do you not wake up?

What the hell? How could they do that? I work my ass off for 15 hours to come home to that shit. How long after I leave for work do they wait? I have so many questions and the fucker won’t even talk to me…

I finally talked to my wife about it. She apologized. She also told me that she loves him more than me. What do I do with that information? How do you tell your husband that you love his best friend more?

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening. Any advice would be appreciated.


This is my best friend, Trooper. I think he’s trying to steal my wife.” If you got a good laugh, make sure to SHARE this post with friends on Facebook!