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Woman Fights Bullies By Making Powerful Video Encouraging Others To Embrace Their Scars

By Ace Nichols
March 15, 2016

22-year-old Michelle Elman posted a photo last year of her surgery scars to inspire others that quickly went viral.

Elman received a lot of positive feedback from the photo, but still yearned to tell the whole story. From there, she got inspired. She made a video of others telling their own scar stories and called it “Scarred Not Scared,” which was released last week. The people in the video talk openly about their scars, how they got them and how they feel with them on their bodies.

In London, Elman works as a body confidence coach at her own company Mindset For Life, where she shares blog posts on body confidence and also speaks in schools.

Through her Mindset For Life Instagram account, she shares body positivity posts to her 10.5k followers, where she feels as though she has built a community where others can share their scar stories.

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