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A Girl And Her Service Dog Got Ready For Prom Together And It’s So Great!

By Ace Nichols
March 9, 2016

Meet Erin Condrin, a girl living in Queensland, Australia, with a tissue disorder called Classical Type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This syndrome makes it hard for Erin to complete simple tasks, such as tying her shoelaces and writing.

In 2015, Condrin found herself a service dog named Lacey through Canine Helpers Australia to support and help her.

Last week, Lacey helped Condrin get ready for her senior formal and they even had custom-made outfits to match each other. How sweet!

“Lacey has many different costumes,” Condrin told BuzzFeed. “So it was natural she’d have a dress that matched mine. We asked my very talented dressmaker if she’d sew Lacey a skirt out of the left over material from my dress, and she was all for it.”

Condrin had an amazing time at the dance with her date.

She said that although she had a wonderful time getting ready for the dance with Lacey, she was unsure if Lacey was ready to attend the dance with her. But, she does plan on bringing Lacey to some events with her in the future.

“I’d like people to know that disabilities don’t stop for special occasions,” said Condrin. “To make the night possible, we designed a dress from scratch to suit a wheelchair, hired a ramp to take to the venue, organized medications around the events, and more. But it was such a special night, thanks to all the people that went out of their way to support and assist me.”

Condrin is much more independent, thanks to Lacey. Lacey can help her open and close doors, pick up things she drops, help her get dressed, and much more. She has also made an impact on Condrin emotionally. She knows Lacey is always going to be by her side during the tough times and hospital stays.

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