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Giant Lizard’s Favorite Place To Be Is Cuddling With His Mom

By Ace Nichols
April 20, 2016

Could you imagine snuggling up to a giant pet lizard every night when you go to bed? Well, Scott and his wife Ice, are no strangers to this. They own a 20-pound Argentine red tegu who’s favorite thing to do is snuggle.

Meet MacGyver the giant lizard, who’s kind of a big deal. He currently has close to 33,000 subscribers on his own YouTube channel.

Scott told The DoDo, “He can go anywhere he wants pretty much in the house, but he’ll choose to come over and sleep right in front of the couch where our feet are.”

Scott and Ice don’t even give out MacGyver’s last name, because of his huge following and popularity. They would hate to see someone trying to come and snatch him up from their yard, where he enjoys laying out and basking in the sun.

He has many active social media pages such as an Instagram page, a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile. Yes, a LinkedIn profile.

People may think that having a lizard as a pet is an easy job, but it is far from it. Costs are crazy, considering the enclosures that have to be built for them and they mainly eat meat, so all of that adds up quickly. Tegus are voracious eaters, so Scott and Ice tried feeding him all sorts of different ground meat to find out what he liked and disliked. After trying a plethora of things like pheasant, quail, duck, and goose, it turned out the only thing he wouldn’t eat was llama.

But, he LOVES grapes..

No, but really though… GRAPES!!!

But the thing they need the most is to bask, so when MacGyver isn’t outside in the sun, he’s inside in his climate controlled enclosure with heat lamps and a humidifier.

But, as you can see, although MacGyver is a huge lizard, he is also a huge LOVER OF LOVING on his owners.


MacGyver shows us that reptiles have feelings and lots of love to give, but they do need owners like Scott and Ice in order to provide them with the attention they need, along with the financial means it takes to own one of these lizards. Many people think they can take care of these reptiles and they wind up abandoned, so think long and hard before adopting one of these guys, unless you are truly dedicated to them as Scott and Ice are to their big guy.

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