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Man Had A 1-Year-Old Pimple, Then He Pulls Out A MASSIVE Ingrown Hair…OMG!

By Karly Carpena
June 26, 2016


Blackhead and pimple popping videos are hard to watch, yet there is something grossly satisfying about the. But this man (YouTube user Joe Gross) posted a video of himself pulling out a GIANT ingrown hair. It is so long it is like he had it inside his face for over a year!

4At first, his face is smooth as he had just gotten finished shaving. But he keeps the very strange looking hair on his right cheek.

He explains how it got there: ‘This is the craziest thing, I’ve had this gigantic black mark on my face for months and it looks like it’s literally a pound of hair.’ It’s an ingrown hair that he’s never dealt with until now.


3In the insane video, the man pulls at the ingrown hair with tweezers. Suddenly, his skin BURSTS open and he has a very large hole in his cheek. As he pulls the hair it, it seems like it will never end! It just goes on and on and on and on…

It’s crazy how he doesn’t even flinch when he is extracting the ingrown hair. It’s almost as if he has a sigh of relief pulling out the one year old follicle – I would too!