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Ghostly Ships Filled With Bodies Have Been Washing Ashore In Japan

By Ace Nichols
April 11, 2016

Something very eerie and disturbing has been happening on the west coast shores of Japan. A fleet of over 14 ghost boats have washed ashore since late last year and what the boats are carrying inside is leaving investigators in Japan extremely confused.

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The boats were reported to be carrying decaying bodies of 22 people, two without heads, and all of them partially skeletolized. The coast guard also reported one boat was carrying six skulls and the boats are guessed to be from North Korea, due to a number of clues they have found leading them in that direction. But, what happened to the people aboard these ships and who are they?

On one of the boats, the words “Korean People’s Army” was written along the side. And NHK Japan News also reported a cloth was found inside one of the boats that resembled the flag of North Korea. Also, maritime expert Yoshihiko Yamada, told NHK that the boats show a “striking resemblance” to vessels used by defectors from North Korea.

One theory is that the vessels are fishing boats that have strayed off course and capsized trying to carry out Kim Jong-un’s orders for workers to develop the fishing industry and may have been lost and adrift for months without the use of technology or radar systems.

Another theory is that these vessels could be traveling through alternate, more dangerous routes through the East Sea of Japan, in attempts to try and get out of the country. The head of the Asia program at the Chatham House policy institute, John Nilsson-Wright, told CNN that it may be people trying to flee the system, although that cannot be proved at this point.