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Mom Doesn’t Cry After Her 9-Year-Old Son Dies From Cancer. Then She Admits THIS…

By Karly Carpena
January 20, 2016

In 2007 a book titled “Ganbareba Shiawase ni Naeruyo,(Keep trying, and you’ll be happy)” was published. It is a mother’s memoir written as a tribute to her son Naoya, in which she compiles the conversations she had with her son who was battling with cancer.

For four years, the mother watched her son fight courageously against his illness. Naoya was a boy, who always put others before himself, kept his chin up, and believed in his future, even during the most painful moments.

Tender yet strong, un-childlike, and infinitely empowering, this 9- year-old boy’s words have touched the hearts of many and helped inspire many more, to never give up.

Naoya Yamazaki was born in 1992 in the Kanagawa prefecture. As a small child, he was a happy little rascal “like any other” according to his mother. He was only five when the illness seized him.


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