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He Wore A Dress To His Best Friend’s Funeral. The Reason Why Will Bring You To Tears…

By Karly Carpena
November 12, 2015

It may seem a bit odd for a man to wear a bright lime green dress, paired with loud pink socks, to his best friend’s funeral. But the reason why will bring you to tears!


Delaney and Elliott had been best of friends since 2005 when Elliott’s sister, Kristy, introduced them to each other. They were pretty inseparable, except when Elliott’s out overseas to serve the Black Watch of the British Army. Nevertheless, they kept in touch on those times.


During their last talk, Elliott implied to Delany that he was terrified to go back to war in Afghanistan. He also said that he had a plan to retire as a soldier after the second war that he would serve. Even so, he proceeded and was caught up in an ambush were he would meet and his fate.

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