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This High School Football Captain Shared A Very Special Dance At Prom

By Ace Nichols
May 16, 2016

Ty Graham, a star athlete at Cheney High in Washington, was crowned Prom King and chose to share his dance with someone very special, creating a heartwarming moment to remember forever.

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Ty Graham is the popular guy in school that everyone knows and loves, yet he is far from what you’d expect from the top jock in school. He’s a nice guy who loves to put smiles on other people’s faces and enjoys nothing more than to see people happy.

On the night of Senior Prom, Ty was crowned Prom King and a girl, Hannah Devine, was named Duchess of the Prom. Hannah came to the front of the room in her wheelchair, wearing a pink dress. Hannah has won many awards herself as an athlete competing in the special olympics. Although they never really got to know each other, Ty says that he has always known who Hannah was and that she was always such a sweet person.

So, when the music started playing, Ty went up and grabbed Hannah’s hand and asked her to dance creating a very special memory for the both of them, as well as for their teachers and classmates. Ty said that sharing this dance with Hannah brought joy to his heart and he added, “I wanted that to be my Royalty dance.”

Hannah said that dancing with Ty was her favorite moment of the night and Ty said he will cherish that moment forever. How great is this?

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