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Find Out Which Of Your Favorite Celebrities Are Related

By Karly Carpena
September 28, 2016

The term “small world” applies to almost every aspect of our lives. Did you know that the term even applies to some of our most recognizable celebrity icons? Read on to see which of your favorite stars actually share a blood line. Guess it’s safe to say that talent just runs in the family!

1Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard


Yes, it’s true. Ron Howard, who played Opie on Happy Days decades ago, is the father of Bryce Dallas Howard, star of “Jurassic World”!

2Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola


We all know the Coppola family is everywhere on the Hollywood scene. But did you know good ol’ Nicolas Cage was part of the clan, too? He and director Sofia Coppola happen to be cousins.

3Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts


Emma Roberts didn’t just luck out with amazing talent, beauty, and a Hollywood career. She also lucked out by having Julia Roberts as her aunt. We’re guessing she’s been the perfect one to Emma all these years.

4Quincy Jones and Rashida Jones


When you saw Rashida’s name pop up in the credits of “Parks and Recreation,” mega music producer Quincy Jones probably didn’t come to mind. But did you know he’s the father of this stunning actress?

5Brandy and Snoop Dogg


Bet you didn’t know that pop star and actress Brandy and Snoop Dogg are FIRST cousins! You can bet she’s been a part of many funny family conversations about Snoop’s name changes throughout the years.

6Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel


These two television hit-makers €”Zooey with “New Girl” and Emily with “Bones”—seem to be the power sisters of the small screen! Can you guess who’s older? The answer is Emily, who has three years over her younger sis.

7Lily Collins and Phil Collins


Can you believe this young starlet is none other than Phil Collins’ daughter? Looks like she’s following in Phil’s footsteps, too. His Grammy Award winning song “You’ll Be in My Heart” was written for the Disney movie “Tarzan,” and Lily played Disney princess Snow White in the film “Mirror Mirror” herself.

8Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie


You’d never guess it by looks alone, but Hollywood veteran Jon Voight is the father to Hollywood staple Angelina Jolie!

9Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy


These famous ladies can’t help but be funny; it’s in their genes! The two share a family relation as cousins and an everyday relationship as best buds.

10Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen


Martin Sheen is the father of Charlie Sheen. If you’ve never noticed this nearly identical pairing you’re probably hitting yourself over the head at this very moment!