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Father Walks TERRIFIED Son Past Bullies, Now Look Closely At What’s Under His Jacket…

By Ace Nichols
June 24, 2016

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American Family Insurance shared a video to YouTube of their new commercial inspired by fathers who support the dreams of their children. Since being uploaded on June 15th, it has garnished over 3 million views and is touching the hearts of viewers worldwide.

As the video starts, we see a young boy watching a man doing a Flamenco dance on his phone. His father comes into the room with a gift for the boy – it’s a uniform for martial arts – and informs the boy that he’ll start tomorrow.

The kids on the block would make fun of the boy as he walked with his father to and from practice.

Although it didn’t seem like the little boy was excited to begin martial arts, with a little support, practice and perseverance, the boy became very good at it. He earned lots of different belts and even a competition trophy.

Once he had learned martial arts, his proud father walked back into his room with another gift. This time, the gift was a Flamenco outfit.

The boy proudly put on the outfit and walked down the block without his father and was able to be confident in himself when passing the bullies on the street.

This video really portrays what fatherly love is all about.

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