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f You See An Elastic Band Stretched On To Your Door Handle Like THIS, Call 911 Immediately.

By Karly Carpena
August 29, 2016

Kim Fleming Cernigiliaro was at home alone when she heard extremely loud knocking at her door, but ignored it for safety reasons.

The knocking eventually stopped, so she walked to her door to make sure the person was really gone. But when she opened the door, she found an elastic band covering her door lock and handle.


This technique is used by many professional thieves to ensure they unhinge they get inside the moment you unlock the door. The moment that door is open, they can burst in and attack you!


Make sure you are being careful when you answer the door, especially if you don’t know the person. There have been reports of this rubber band trick being performed across the country to unsuspecting residents

Here are ways to protect your home: