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Mom Sends Son’s Pictures To A Modeling Agency, Then They Noticed Something DEADLY In His Eyes…

By Karly Carpena
February 9, 2016


Tina Treadwell (like all mothers) thinks she has the cutest son in the world! She is proud of him, so she decided to send his photos to a baby modeling agency. But her sister notice something odd in his left eye…


Doctor confirm that Tina’s son is suffering from a retinoblastoma. A rare form of eye cancer that can develop during childhood. The symptoms are hard to see with the naked eye but are much more noticeable in pictures.

They were able to keep the cancer at bay using chemotherapy, but her son will be blind in his right eye for the rest of his life.


Here are some examples of signs that could suggest a retinoblastoma: A milky coloring of a pupil.


A dark coloring of a pupil.


A newly developed cross-eye


Swelling that isn’t due to allergies or irritation (although swelling can have many other causes)


The discoloring of the iris