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The Police Were Aware He Was Hiding Stolen Items, But They Never Expected THIS!

By Ace Nichols
February 10, 2016

A man in Calgary was charged in a stolen property investigation after the police carried out eight search warrants that the man owned at different storage facilities around the city. The Calgary police knew they would find goods, although they weren’t really sure exactly what they were walking into.

Once they made entry into the facilities, they couldn’t believe their eyes! This man had stolen $1.5 million in goods resulting in one of the largest seizures of stolen items in Calgary. But, the strangest part of it all..

This was a highly organized situation…

The police were shocked by the intricate categorization going on in each of the different storage areas. This one was all for electronics.

Shelves holding only designer handbags..

A room dedicated to only tires..

Anyone need a quick tan? You can get one here!

…or here!

I guess it makes it easy to find things..

What an unbelievably organized criminal!

The man, 28-year-old Cody William Scott, is now in custody and the police are currently on the hunt for others involved in this operation. By the looks of it, they know this could not have been a one man show.

[SOURCE: Calgary Police Service]