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Every Time He Gets A New Car He Always Places Two Pieces Of Duct Tape On His Seat

By Karly Carpena
September 28, 2016

While owning a car can be a bit of a hassle (paying insurance, making repairs filling up on gas, defogging your headlights) it also brings a certain freedom that public transportation commuters lack: it allows you to go as you’re able to go anywhere you please, any time you want.

However, that freedom comes at a price, and whoever owns a car knows, that price ain’t cheap. If you’re one of those folks, you’ll be happy to know some Russian guys decided to do a video showing 7 car life hacks that will help you make your time spend in the vehicle better and cheaper.


Not only is having a disorganized car bad, but it undeniably gets messier and messier until you do something about it. These Russian folks suggest to fix that problem by putting cupcake liners in the cup holders.

If you ever need to clean it out again, it’ll e super easy. Just pinch the per and pull it out. Throw out what’s just garbage and put another cupcake liner.


And if you share your car with someone else that’s a different height than you, it can be a problem to keep readjusting the seat to the perfect way it was before. For cases like these one, just place a strip of duct tape on the car door and one on the seat to know exactly where you need to line your seat up for its next use.

And next time you pick up pizza, try not to freak out about spilling everything on your seat. Instead try this: Grab some water bottles and place it on the passenger seat. Drop the pizza up with it and no more slanted toppings!

When you go grocery shopping, grab a laundry basket. Just load all your grocery bags into it so it is easy to take everything into the house. Smart, right?