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Before Take Off, A Passenger Screams To Stop The Plane. The Reason Will Bring You To Tears…

By Karly Carpena
April 12, 2016


An Etihad pilot stopped an international flight so two passengers could get off and visit their dying grandson.

The couple’s flight to Abu Dhabi was taxiing at Manchester Airport, when they received a text saying that their grandson had just been admitted into intensive care and that they should come to the hospital ASAP!

They alerted cabin crew who then told the pilot. He turned the flight around and drove the plane back to the gate, where the passengers disembarked. Airline staff immediately unloaded the couple’s luggage and collected their car from the parking lot.

Their travel agent, Becky Stephensen, posted a message in the Facebook group Travel Gossip to thank the airline:


Etihad will allow the passengers to reuse their tickets on a future flight.