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Camera Reveals A Day In The Life Of Lonely Elderly Woman

By Karly Carpena
November 1, 2015

At 98, Mary Tony has lived a long life and still has her health. But, as the video below reveals, she often struggles with loneliness. Mary lives alone, and does not have the daily interactions with people that she would have in a retirement home or living with her family.

A film company called Voyager, followed Mary around in her daily routine to gain some insight into what it’s like for someone of her age to live on her own. Mary finds it difficult trying to figure out how to keep herself busy and occupied.

When the crew asks Mary how she feels about her living situation she responds, “I don’t mind. What am I going to do? Where could I go? I am by myself.”

“You know what I do? Don’t laugh,” Mary says, “I get junk mail, I strip it. And after I strip it, I cut it up small, put it in a bag and put it for garbage.”

One of her favorite places to go is the senior centre, where she can socialize with others her age.

So when a visit was organized by the senior center to her home, she was overwhelmed. “I love you all for’s made my day and I’ll never forget this,” she says through tears.