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This Man’s Reaction To Receiving A New Puppy After His Was Killed Will Break Your Heart!

By Ace Nichols
January 24, 2016

Losing a member of your family abruptly and unexpectedly is extremely heartbreaking and nothing can really take away the pain you’re left with. The Rojas family were recently overcome with this pain when their 3-year-old beloved chihuahua was suddenly attacked and killed by a stray dog in Miami, FL.

This was Gucci, the Rojas’ dog.

Not only did the elderly couple lose their puppy – they were also both hospitalized following the tragic event. The man was suffering from high blood pressure and his wife needed a hundred stitches from trying to defend Gucci during the attack.

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A man who saw the news story knew he wanted to do something for this family to help bring the joy back into their lives, so he contacted a puppy shelter and purchased a new puppy for the Rojas family. Their reaction to receiving the puppy is overwhelming and will tug at your heart strings.


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