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They Were Married For 60 Years, But It’s What He Says On Her Deathbed Brought Me To Tears!

By Karly Carpena
February 14, 2016

Brought to you by “The Bounce Back” staring Shemar Moore.


Floreen and Ed met each other in 1952 at a dance. Ed knew right away that Floreen was the woman he wanted to grow old with…


The two later married and had a wonderful life together…


When two people get married they say the words “Till Death Do Us Part” and these two truly lived by those words…


At 83-years-old, Ed suffered from kidney failure. Days later, Floreen had a heart attack and is taken to a hospital far away. This was the first time in years the couple had been so far apart from each other…


Ed wanted to be closer to his love, but doctors said he was too weak for the move, but he insisted on it…


Floreen was able to say goodbye one last time before passing away shortly after being reunited. With her hand still lying in Ed’s, he took his last breath just two hours later…


His last words were: “Floreen, I’ll never leave you alone. I promised you back then that nothing in this world can keep me away from you. And when you go, then I will go with you!”


Source: Imgur