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Dog Reunites With Family After Missing For 2 Years

By Karly Carpena
January 12, 2016

Years ago, Kelly Thomas and Ted Kupferman rescued a dog named Bear. But he ran away after Ted was in a car accident that startled Bear causing him to flee into the woods. “I spent 12 hours that day searching his name, combing the area, finding absolutely nothing and that’s how I lost him,” explains Ted.

After months of searching, the couple never gave up hope they might find him someday…

Two years later, two women had seen a dog living in an auto parts yard and were trying to catch him. Neither woman works in animal rescue or has any experience in catching dogs, but they took it upon themselves to feed him two times a day for around a year.

One day they decided to set up a cage, hoping the trap would lure and catch him…and it worked!

Just a day later, Bear was reunited with Kelly and Ted, thanks to Bear’s microchip. Says Ted, “I’m still crying over it…This was not just a dog…this was my best friend; this was my child.”