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Doctor’s Remove Horrible Scar From Little Boy’s Wrist. What They Find Underneath? OMG!

By Ace Nichols
June 21, 2016

Doctors in China had to nearly amputate this 4-year-old boy’s arm after they discovered that a rubber band had grown all the way into the flesh on his wrist.

1It was so bad that the boy, Longlong, could barely move his arm, so his parents brought him to Chengdu Women and Children’s Hospital to find out what was going on.


2On the boy’s first birthday, his mother gave him a silver bracelet that represented and symbolized protection. But, last December, the mom noticed that the bracelet was extremely tight on Longlong’s wrist, so she removed it. That’s when she first noticed the red mark underneath.

When they noticed the red mark was not going away, they took Longlong to the hospital and the doctors believed the imprint was a scar left by the bracelet that was too tight on his wrist.


3They then decided to remove the scar thinking it could prevent Longlong’s bone growth. But, in June, things worsened for Longlong. His wrist was covered in a big blister.

The doctors had to cut into the blister to drain it and it was then that they discovered something they didn’t see coming.

They found a rubber band inside of his wrist, which was causing the red mark around his wrist that wouldn’t go away.


4After they removed the rubber band from Longlong’s wrist, he admitted to his parents that he had put the rubber band on and forgot to take it off.

This is how the rubber band started to grow into his skin. If they wouldn’t have removed it in time, Longlong may have had his arm completely amputated.

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