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He Takes Apart Old Pallets And Lays Them All Over The Porch. When He’s Finished? STUNNING!

By Karly Carpena
May 25, 2016

When you buy a new house there are always things you envision to do hire someone to do but the costs can stack up. Then you think about DIY and you get overwhelmed. Before you know it, you haven’t made nay updates to your new home and are always telling people that you’ll “get around to it”.

But we think this DIY project from Susan Hirneise Moore’s blogRedo Redux will get you motivated! It’s cheap, easy, and looks AMAZING when you’re done.

“The concrete slab was cracked in the middle and sagged so that the porch was not level,” Susan wrote on the blog post about the project.

Most builders throw away old pallets after working a job site, so your cost of materials is basically FREE!

“When someone gave us a slue of pallets, we had our solution,” Susan wrote. “Fix the porch with pallet wood.”

1Susan’s husband removed all the slabs from the tops of the pallets and then laid out their bases in a pattern on the concrete porch.