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43 Secrets Disney Has Been Hiding In Their Movies

By Karly Carpena
June 7, 2016

We all grew up watching and loving Disney’s touching movies, never noticing the countless secrets in many of the films. But it’s hard to believe how many times we’ve all seen these movies without ever realizing these things!

1In “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, the sorcerer is named Yen Sid, which is Disney spelled backwards.


2At the end of “Frozen”, Disney included a statement about Kristoff’s belief that all men eat their own boogers.


3Sid from the original “Toy Story” makes a secret appearance as the garbage man in “Toy Story 3”.


4The lion in Hercules looks very similar to Scar from “The Lion King”, doesn’t it?


5The vultures in the “Jungle Book” were originally supposed to be voiced by the Beatles. Due to schedule conflicts it never happened.


6There is a postcard from “Up” that can be seen in “Toy Story 3” on Andy’s board. Is Andy related to Ellie from Up?


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