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She Finds A STRANGE Egg In Her Garden. Watch What Happens When It Hatches…

By Karly Carpena
January 6, 2016

It sorta looks like a prehistoric dinosaur egg, but we promise this is not your typical egg. In fact, it doesn’t even belong to an animal…


Native to Australia and New Zealand, this egg is actually a strange mushroom known as Devil’s Fingers. When the fungi finally hatches, it’s easily mistaken for an alien.


Most fungi grown out of soil or on trees, but this fungi known as clathrus archeri grows in a gelatinous egg-like sack until the fruit body is ready to emerge.


Once hatched, four to eight super creepy “tentacles” burst out of the egg…


The fungi has a strong odor known for attracting flies…


It’s also edible, but I would never get near that thing!