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Daughter Had To Ask Her Dad To Buy Her Pads And Regret Set In IMMEDIATELY!

By Ace Nichols
April 22, 2016

Being the dad of a teenage daughter has to be difficult at times, and especially times like these. When this teenage daughter, Tia Savva, had to ask her dad to go to the store to get her pads, she had immediate regret afterwards.

This dad was pretty clueless, as most dads are, as to what he was looking for exactly and the text conversation exchanged between him and his daughter to figure it out is extremely hilarious.

This made me laugh, because it’s the same thing I (a woman) think when I walk down that aisle. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OF THEM? Even though I know what I get every single time I have to make that trip to the store, I still stand there dumbfounded staring at the million options that are now available.


I could just imaging being the woman looking at him weird, thinking why is this man picking up different packages of pads and sniffing them?


Then, he asks if she needs any creams and Tia is definitely thrilled that he asked this question. But, the conversation ends perfectly with dad saying he’s bringing home chocolate for Satan. I.. can’t.. stop.. laughing..

I guess I’m not the only one who found it funny, since Tia posted these texts on her Facebook page and received over 21,000 likes and 4,000 comments.

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