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Dad Writes Hilarious Notes To Excuse His Kid’s Tardiness At School

By Karly Carpena
October 16, 2015

Trying to get 5 kids ready and to school on time everyday can be challenging at times. When Seth King grew tired of his kids waking up late or taking too long to get dressed in the morning, he decided he would write humorous tardiness notes rather than the “normal” ones teachers receive daily…

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“I was getting bored with writing the same old excuse note, and it got to a point where I also wanted my kids to understand the shame they should be feeling for being tardy and putting on-time attendance at their school as a second-tier priority,” said King, who charmingly signs every note “Hugs, Seth King.”

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The notes — which are for Isabella, 15; Carson, 13; Sophia, 10; Nolan, 6; and Liam, 3 — run the gamut of entertaining, fabricated, lateness excuses.

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