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Dad Defends His Son With Down Syndrome In This Emotional Video

By Ace Nichols
February 28, 2016

A father in Canada is receiving support from all over the world after posting an emotional video defending his son, and all children, with Down syndrome.

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Robb Scott decided to film the video after listening to a conversation of another father explaining to his son what Down syndrome is, after the boy picked out a movie at the video store with a character in it that had down syndrome. The boy asked his father what down syndrome is and that’s what prompted Robb to pay attention.

The boy’s father was looking for the right words to answer his son’s question when Robb heard him say, “It’s an illness of people not knowing anything.” Robb really wanted to intervene at that moment and explain to the father exactly what Down syndrome is, but instead he chose to not say anything.

When Robb left the store, he was filled with immediate regret for not speaking up on behalf of his own son, so that’s why he filmed the video.

Scott told ABC News Today, “The video was really more for me because I felt like ‘OK, I dealt with this poorly and the only way I could feel better is to at least express positively what I feel. I thought maybe a couple of people will see it and share it and it will help them think differently.”

Since the heartfelt video was posted, it has gone viral because of it’s true message.

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