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After Her Newborn Dies, She Wraps It In A SPECIAL Blanket. Then Something INCREDIBLE Happens…

By Karly Carpena
March 4, 2016

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Giving birth to a child is one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences a parent can go through! Unfortunately, some newborns die during the birthing process. Things can go from being high to incredibly low in a matter of minutes. Shortly after birth, the lost child is typically taken away before the parents even have a chance to hold their child and are told to “move on”.

But research shows that if the parents can “get to know” the stillborn child, name it, and dress it, they can create memories with the child that will make the grieving process easier.

After Brittney and Brady Rasco lost their daughter at birth, they were inspired to help other parents with an invention they call the “CuddleCot”. The special bassinet cools down the baby and allows parents time to meet their newborn before saying goodbye. 

The couple has since donated a CuddleCot to Covenant hospital in Lubbock and intends to donate a second one to the UMC health system as well.

CUDDLE COT: A new device provides comfort to the parents of stillborn babies, by giving them more time to say goodbye.Ashlyn Tubbs KCBD has the story:

Posted by KCBD NewsChannel 11 on Tuesday, February 23, 2016