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Why The Russian Sleeping Experiment Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever…

By Karly Carpena
April 3, 2016


In the 1940s, scientists in Russia decided to test the effects of extreme sleep deprivation, sealing five people into a small room and exposing them to a gas stimulant to keep them awake. Monitoring their subjects through portholes and microphones, they provided them with a month’s worth of dried food.

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For the first 5 days, nothing really happened and the experiment was deemed a failure…But then, things took a bad turn.

The subjects started to become extremely paranoid and stopped communicating with each other, convinced that they were trapped in the experiment (Which they technically were). They then turned their backs on one another, whispering strange, inaudible things into the microphones.

Nine days later, the first man ran up and down the small chamber screaming so loudly that his voice became horse. The other captives sat silently tearing pages from their books, defecated upon them and pasted them over the glass so the researchers could no longer see inside their room.


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