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Couple Sued Burger King For $17.35 After They Charged Them Twice For A Meal

By Ace Nichols
February 26, 2016

This couple wanted it their way when they ordered a meal from a Burger King location in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, but instead they got into a legal battle with the fast food chain over a whopping $17.35.

Doug and Patty Wargo have zero tolerance for bad customer service, so when they received the wrong order from Burger King and were then charged twice for the meal, they contacted Burger King who said their refund would show on their card within 10 business days. But, the money never showed up and the couple filed a small claims suit against Burger King in the amount of $17.35 for the reimbursement of the meal.


Cumberland County District Court 09-3-05

A few days after the suit was filed, Burger King refunded the amount to the couple, but then the couple complained of having to cover the court fees they incurred to file the claim against them. According to court records obtained by BuzzFeed News, the couple then sued Burger King for their court filing fees of $113.90, which they have not yet received.


Cumberland County District Court 09-3-05

Doug Wargo told ABC27, “People go to jail for stealing less than that, It’s our money. We just want our money back.”

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