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This Couple Had A Crazy Unique Baby Gender Reveal That You Have To See!

By Ace Nichols
May 13, 2016

A couple living in Navarre, Florida, Jamie Indiveri and his fiancé Keith Batchelder, are expecting their first child and wanted to do something super special to reveal the baby’s gender and they totally did.

They decided to fill a box with Tannerite exploding rifle targets and colored chalk, set it up in a lovely wooded area in their hometown, and have Batchelder shoot it with a rifle to burst the box and reveal the gender of their baby.

So, Batchelder set up his rifle and Indiveri sat beside him as he took the shot, which he hit on the very first try.

The box bursted open and blue chalk filled the air letting them know they were having a baby boy – they were ecstatic!

According to the couple, a friend of theirs picked up an envelope from the hospital that noted what the gender was and only she and the photographer knew the gender of the baby prior to the reveal.

Thousands of people online have shared the couple’s photos and fell in love with the unique way they decided to reveal the gender of their baby.

Although, some people weren’t too happy about the use of a gun in the couple’s photos.



Either way, this is a beautiful moment for this couple and we think they’re able to document and celebrate however they want to! What do you think?!

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