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Husband Plans Second Wedding For Wife After She Loses Her Memory In Car Crash

By Karly Carpena
November 15, 2016


Just 19 days after her wedding in August 2014, Justice Stamper was driving home when she got into a terrible car crash just 19 days after her wedding. Fortunately she survived, but during her recovery she made a shocking realization…

Justice now suffers from PTSD and has a speech impediment since getting into the accident. But the most tragic part is that she forgot everything that had happened 5 weeks before the accident. Sadly, she has no recollection of her wedding day…

Her husband, Jeremy, was devastated. But rather than let it get him down, he came up with a plan to help his with relive the most magical day of their lives!

Jeremy set out to fully recreate their wedding day. From the cake to the dress to the location. He didn’t spare any small details.

Jeremy and Justice didn’t have the budget to redo their big day. Fortunately, they were able to raise $10,000 through donations from people within their community.

In the video below, Justice and Jeremy say their vows for the second time…On their one-year anniversary date! I don’t know about you, but without even watching the video I am already crying 🙁

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