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Couple Awaits Their 5th Child. But At 10 Weeks? Something TERRIBLE Happens…

By Karly Carpena
May 5, 2016

Mindy Raelynne Danison and her husband Gabe decided to grow their already large family. However, after just 10 weeks, something terrible happens.


While Mindy is out shopping with her mom, she suddenly feels a sharp pain causing her to go into labor. Riley unfortunately had a miscarriage giving birth to her son at 7 weeks old.


After getting pregnant again, the couple endured another horrifying accident: Baby Annabelle Elizabeth was born after just eight weeks. Mindy and her husband were distraught to say the least, but decide to photograph their children and upload the photos to Facebook.


Many people on Facebook have scrutinized her and her family for uploading the photos calling them “disturbing”. For Mindy though, these photos are a way to help her heal during the tough times.

Although her children were never fully developed, she still viewed them as her beautiful children.


Mindy’s coping methods bring to light how miscarriages can be downplayed by others and that the mourning parents should be taken more seriously. Most people just write it off and say “Try again”.

Riley and Annabelle were cremated and their ashes were turned into small sculptures that are on display in their home.


Today, Mindy is expecting twins named Gloriana and Garrett. Despite all the hatred she is experience from friends and family, she refuses to delete the photos of her babies on Facebook even though users constantly report the picture as “not appropriate content.”