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Chrissy Teigen Posts Photos Of Her Stretch Marks Post Baby And Gives Middle Finger To Body -Shamers

By Karly Carpena
August 18, 2016


Former Swimsuit model turned T.V. host and social media darling is making waves again with her most recent Snapchat post. Moms today are ridiculed for breastfeeding public and are ashamed of their bodies because of the media. But Chrissy Teigen is giving the middle finger to body-shamers around the world by showing off photos of her stretch marks after giving birth.

Chrissy Teigen has always been about women empowerment…16 months ago, while she was pregnant, she shared this image of herself on Instagram showing off her stretch marks:

“Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week,” Teigen wrote. “Stretchies say hi!”

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.10.35 PM

Our fave supermodel is back at it again and posted a Snapchat letting the world know how much she loves her body:

“Lol my thighs have tributaries,” she wrote on the Snap.


No woman should be ashamed of her body whether they are pregnant or recently gave birth. #GirlPower