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Parents Hold Their 3 Dead Children On Their Laps. One Year Later, They Have Them In Their Arms.

By Karly Carpena
February 29, 2016


After their son’s 5th birthday, their minivan was rammed by a truck. Without braking, the truck driver rammed into the minivan, knocking out the mother and grandmother while the children in the backseat are immediately rushed to the hospital.


Chris, the father, got the horrifying call and rushed to the hospital, but he was too late…Both of his little daughters were dead. With Kyle in critical condition, the parents had to make the difficult decision to turn off his life-support machine. Together with his wife, Chris sits on his son’s bed until Kyle breathes his last breath. “I held my hand on his chest until his heart stopped beating,” tells Chris. “Then he was gone.”


Their three beautiful children were gone in an instant and had to lay the 3 little ones in children’s coffins.


Every time they hear cheerful laughing on their street, they close the windows because the sound just makes them even more devastated.

“At a certain point you just want to break through the grief. You want to take your life because you think that you’ll be with your kids again,” confesses Chris. “But we promised to never leave each other.”


3 months after the accident Chris and Lori decided that they wanted to have more children. “We always described ourselves at that point as parents without children,” tells Chris.

They undertook an artificial fertilization and saw the egg cells…They saw it as a sign!


Almost a year later, they gave birth to triplets: Ashley, Elie and Jake. “They will never replace Kyle, Emma, and Katie,” Lori says. “But there is joy in the house again. There is joy in our hearts again. They fill our lives with love, happiness and laughter again.”


The triplets know that before they were born they had 3 other siblings. Their pictures hang everywhere in the house and their parents talk about them often. They even go to the cemetery together to have picnics.

Here the entire family is together. Because Kyle, Emma, and Katie should never be forgotten.