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He Suffered A TERRIBLE Tragedy As A Child. Wait Until You See What He Looks Like Today!

By Karly Carpena
January 28, 2016

According to DTI 3,500 (almost 10 a day) pre-school children (under 5 years of age) account for 75% of all severe burn injuries – requiring admission to A&E departments or specialist burns units, many of whom require extensive plastic surgery, sometimes throughout their entire lives.

This is the miraculous and inspiring story of one man’s journey to recovery after being severely burned in a kitchen accident.


When he was a year and 4 months old, the unnamed man pulled a Fry Daddy kitchen appliance down on top of himself.


“60 percent of my body very badly burned. It was 1981 and if you’re wondering if this should have killed me, well the doctors sure thought it should have.”


“I’ve had lots of surgeries, and spent many years wearing these super attractive body suits. Here you can see the mask part of that suit I got to wear. Unfortunately this is the early 80s and they just weren’t that stylish.”


“When I was 12 I underwent a procedure to put tissue ex-panders under my scalp (they were totally the same thing used for breast implants) Here is me shortly after getting the first two put in. You can see the pressure this put on my head and face and the swelling it caused. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t painful.”


“I had have these under my scalp for several weeks, and they would periodically fill them to continue to expand scalp tissue with hair follicles on it. Here is a pic when they were at full capacity, as it were. If you are thinking, maybe it looks worse than it feels, well nope it was pretty much awful. I went through this procedure twice, yes after having done it once I totally did it again, for a total of 4 ex-panders. The end result, however was worth it.”


Here he is 18 years later, after undergoing 58+ surgeries. How great is that head of hair!


Today, he lives a normal and healthy life…


“Lastly, fast forward a bit more to age 35, December of 2015. Here I am with a co-worker enjoying some evening fun at a work convention.

What’s the point of all this you ask. People sharing their story of adversity to help others going through difficult times. As someone who’s gone through a lifetime of these kind of challenges I wanted others to see that the best part of my life is how normal it is.

Over the years I’ve been married, divorced, I’ve had a wonderful career and have been with my company for 18 years this year. Life has had all the ups and downs of most people’s and that’s the best part. Having a normal life and not feeling “different.” I get to travel the world, I present regularly in person for what I do and I love it.

If you have gone through something physically scarring, just know it gets better. Sometimes it takes time, and often it’s painful, both emotionally and physically, but I believe if you stay positive and choose to see the glass half full you will end up on top of anything you put your mind to.”